Interview | Sebastien Tokalian: Travel and Self-salvation

Sebastien Tokalian is French. My first acquaintance with him was through a friend. I heard that Sebastien sold all his possession and started a long bicycle trip. During the journey, he took a lot of photos. This year, he will participate in the Pingyao International Photography Festival, which makes me curious and excitement. Thus, I invited him for this interview.

Sebastien looks very sturdy, his face covered with beard. Dark skin, tattoos run through his arms. He walks with huge steps. On a first glimpse, one will find him an athletic person, which is very common among the foreign photographers.

Before the interview, I have viewed one set of his works. I am very fond of the dynamics from his photos, just as he said in the interview: “I will completely forget the world I live in, when I travel outside on my bicycle.” Thus, the story begins here.

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